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This build Is a warrior Melee DPS Build for Level 60, suitable for Expert Dungeons and Raids, as well as questing (due to having self heals and decent AoE damage).

Here is the build:

61 Riftblade/10 Tempest/5 Paragon

***Tips: Your Finisher "Burst" abilities (they are macro'd) are off Global Cooldown, so you can actually activate them faster than normal finishers in order to increase damage.

Important Buffs:
Blade of the Ascended
Avatar of the Rift
Enhanced Conductivity
Way of the River

Here are the macros:

#show searing strike
cast rift strike
cast rift spear
cast searing strike
cast shock pulse
cast break free

AoE Builder:
#show thunder strike
cast rift spear
cast thunder strike
cast offensive blast
cast break free

Single Target Finisher:
#show fiery burst
cast fiery burst
cast icy burst
cast break free

AoE Finisher:
#show storm burst
cast storm burst
cast earth burst
cast break free

Interrupt macro:
#show stonespear
y Interrupting %t
cast stonespear
cast break free

15s macro:
#show shock pulse
cast flamespear
cast shock pulse
cast break free

30s macro:
#show rift storm
cast rift storm
cast burst synergy
cast break free

Single Target Rotation: (and explanation)

Your rotation will look something like this:
Step 1: Rift Implosion --> Frost Strike --> 15s Macro
Step 2: 30s Macro x2 --> 15s Macro --> Builder Macro x2
Step 3: Finisher Macro

Now, While being fairly simple, In practice this rotation requires keeping up three 15 second duration buffs/DoT's, an 8 second duration, and using two 30 seconds cooldowns whenever available. Our first and most important 15s buff is "Frost Strike". This increases the damage of your Strike abilities by 30%. The other two, "Flamespear" and "Shock Pulse" are in the 15s Macro. Flamespear applies a 15 second DoT, and Shock Pulse gives you a buff that increases your Attack Power and Weapon contribution by 10%. You can use all three of these abilities to apply Burst Finishers.

The 8s Duration Ability is "Rift Implosion", which is applied to the enemy as a debuff. Whenever you damage the enemy with an elemental abilty, it will apply Surge stacks to the enemy (maximum of 5). After 8 seconds, these stacks will detonate, doing more damage the more stacks have built up. You can use this ability to apply Burst Finishers. You want to re-apply this ability every time it detonates.

The two 30s Cooldown abilities are "Burst Synergy" and "Rift Storm". Burst Synergy boosts the damage of your next 3 Burst Finishers, and Rift Storm will do damage over the next 8 seconds to enemies near you (it is not a channel so you can continue using your other abilities). These two abilities are macro'd, and Burst Synergy is off the global cooldown, so simply hit this macro twice to proc both of these abilites. Use them whenever they are off cooldown.

Tips: The Rotation is meant as more of a guide, as the 15s and 8s duration abilites will require reapplying whenever they fall off, and may interrupt the rotation outlined above. The best way to maximise DPS is to set these abilites/macros out in a way that makes it easy for you to see the optimal order, and try to stick to it as closely as possible, interrupting the rotation when you need to.

The Burst Finishers have two mechanics that are unusual. Firstly, they are not on the global cooldown, and can therefore be activated in-between your other abilites/builders. Seconds, they are not stand-alone attacks, and need a builder or other damaging ability to "Piggy Back". All of your 15s and 8s duration abilites are able to apply the Burst Finishers, so you should be able to use them without interrupting your main builder/15/8s duration rotation. Also note, the Burst finishers can be used on ranged abilites such as Shock Pulse, Flamespear and Stonespear (even though it is an interrupt), and so are good for disconnects in fights.

AoE Rotation: (and explanation)
The AoE Rotationt requires a little more management of your abilities. Firstly, try to hit Fork, and Then Flamespear in order to apply an AoE DoT.You then proceed to spam your AoE Builder macro, using your AoE Finisher macro whenever you have 3 attack points. Using your Rift Storm whenever it is off cooldown is important for maximum damage.

Remember to keep the Passive of Frost Strike up, as it will increase your AoE damage as well. Keep an eye on the duration of the effects of Frost Strike and Flamespear, and to re-apply them whenever they finish.

Other Important Abilites:
Other important abilities are "Riftwalk" and "Rift Travel". Riftwalk allows you to instantly teleport to your target, and is on a 30 second cooldown. This is useful for getting to your target quickly in the beginning of a fight, so you can maxmise DPS, and is also useful for getting back to your target if fight mechanics forced you away.

Rift Travel allows you to target a spot on the ground, and teleport to it instantly (on a 45 second cooldown). This is useful for repositioning in fights, to get out of AoE, to avoid damage, or to simply get into a safe zone. Note that although both of these abilites are on a long cooldown, "Planar Blade" gives you a chance on abilities to refresh their cooldown, so you can probably use them a lot more than just every 30 and 45 seconds.

"EWWW FEAR..." - Parstices (RIP)
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